LiDAR Imaging

What is LiDAR?

LiDAR Imaging stands for Light Detection and Ranging and it is an incredible technology that allows you to visualize projects like never before. From high above, sensors send out extremely precise laser beams and measure the time it takes for them to return. By post processing the LiDAR data collected by the drone, an incredibly accurate point-map is created. This is then visualized and edited to our clients specifications in a 3-D software.

When Should You Use LiDAR?

LiDAR Imaging is most beneficial when you have to map below and around obstructions, and if you have a large area to survey. If there is a tree canopy, power lines, or other obstructions, LiDAR is the best option to survey your project.

LiDAR can also create watershed and topographical maps for city and state organizations looking to verify their existing infrastructure or plan for future expansion. 

Engineers, architects, and construction professionals are using LiDAR from conception to completion of construction projects for planning, evaluation, and as-built documentation. 

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