Elevated Imagery is proud to provide our clients with LiDAR scanning and data processing in an accurate, efficient, and cost-effective manner. The use of a drones to procure LiDAR data has changed the geospatial mapping world forever, and we are at the forefront of this movement. Our hardware, software, and streamlined business approach set us apart from the competition. 

Along with LiDAR data collection, processing, and editing, Elevated Imagery is proud to offer the following engineering services for transmission/distribution service providers:

  •  PLS-CADD Finite Element Modeling and Analysis 
  • Project as-builts using LiDAR, Weather Data, and Line Loading for Sag and Tension Verification
  •  Conductor Uprate Analysis and Clearance Violation Remediation 

Thermal Inspections

Thermal IR inspection example photography

Whether it's in the air or on the ground, Elevated Imagery is ready to provide your Thermal IR inspection needs! Our licensed thermographer is trained  to collect and interpret thermal images of mechanical systems, electrical systems, solar panels, and buildings. 

Typical Solar Company Benefits:

  • Fast and accurate scans for roof top panels and arrays. 
  • Identify hot spots and find defective cells   
  • Ensure peak efficiency throughout all sizes of solar farms
  • Save time by checking for hot spots and selected way points without having to move

Jobsite Progress Photos

Jobsite Progress example photography

Hi-Res Photos and Videos for construction project progress. Also, providing customized photo and video flight paths for a truly memorable experience for your client!

Watershed and Contour Mapping


With 2-4cm accuracy, Elevated Imagery can provide our clients with contour and watershed maps tailored to their specific needs. Also used for construction site grading as-builts, flood analysis mapping, pre-construction site evaluations, and more. Call us today to find out how this technology could save you money!